August 2022

We know it’s been a while and all has been quiet on the Hawkhell front.

But that will soon change.

The planning application will be going to the Committee stage in the not too distant future (we’re not sure if it will be September, October or later, but when the meeting date in known, we will be asking for your support again.

This time it will be to contact each member of the planning committee with your own comments to make sure they directly and personally understand the level of objection to the plans.

More info to come shortly - but for now, be prepared to be ready!!  

70 pages of reason after reason why Hawkwell should be stopped now

Even the developers were unable to answer the questions when they came for a 'consultation' in Bucknell. Well, in no way could it be considered a consultation, more a one-way presentation and absolute lip-service to any notion of consultation.

The information in the document is very good and shows the huge numbers of gaps in the plans; it may even give you some inspiration for your own objection.


OCC - “severe congestion for years”



Planners are trying to get permission to build on even more green field sites around Bicester.

The impact? Destruction of wildlife, traffic gridlock, pollution, flooding. The list goes on.

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Now is the time to act - before it’s too late.

Objection Deadline

You don’t have much time left.  

The deadline is 31 March 2022.

Go directly to the Cherwell District Council site to object now

Stop Hawkwell

Why should I object?

This is not about denying the need for new housing. This is not about nimbyism.

Development in and around Bicester over the last few years has been substantial. This has included much needed new housing in Oxfordshire. However our local infrastructure is already struggling and has not kept pace with the scale of development.

The plans do not adequately address the consequences of a development of this size. Our infrastructure just can’t cope. Communities will be destroyed and others will be badly impacted.

Just the number of additional vehicles this development will bring should be enough to concern us all. An additional six thousand vehicles.

Imagine. 6,000 more cars and the pollution and traffic that will bring.

Other negative impacts include flooding, impact on wildlife and agricultural land being built on for housing. Why always greenfield sites?

Hawkwell isn’t the only development planned. New warehousing at J9 and J10 of the M40, the Ardley Rail Freight Interchange, Great Wolf, the list goes on. It affects us all, whether we live in Bicester or one of the surrounding villages.

What’s the point?

You may wonder what the point in objecting is. We have seen many local development plans go ahead, despite strong opposition from our communities. We’ve had the Ardley Incinerator, warehousing coming to J9 and J10 of the M40 to name but a few.

We need to make sure our voice is heard. We need as many objections as possible so that our elected representatives can really understand the strength of feeling against this poorly thought through plan.  

But it’s an Eco-Town? It must be good …

If only.

The initial development at Elmsbrook was certainly built under the scope of being an Eco-Town.

These are new developers coming in, trying to make money with all the eco-credentials being long forgotten.  

Money grabbing urban sprawl

In the cold light of day, this development would destroy much of the local rural landscape.


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